Take Climate Action with Lightning Technologies’ Carbon Digitalization

Lightning Technologies provides defined carbon savings for the vendors and retailers we serve. This translates to real carbon reductions throughout your supply chain. In December of 2019, one of the main topics of the U.N. Climate Change Conference, or COP25, was the state of navigating blockchain and climate action.

There were three main takeaways from the discussions and papers submitted on
the topic:

  • The Paris Climate Agreement requires new approaches, registries, and tracking systems for accounting and reporting carbon reductions – the goal being a more trusted, transparent, and networked carbon market.
  • Blockchain, or DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies), is part of an ecosystem of digital technologies that includes IoT sensors, big data, and AI. Combining these technologies unlocks new, more accurate ways to measure, report, and verify climate outcomes at a lower transaction cost.
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies systems will emerge as the backbone of the new, decentralized market. This allows for the democratization of fractional carbon savings to be counted and applied, so that smaller, more frequently recurring carbon projects (like pallet movements) can be
    verified and counted.

These factors are exactly why Lightning Technologies’ Gold Standard carbon savings methodology submission is a no-brainer for your supply chain. It will quickly become the industry benchmark. Furthermore, it explains why the digitalization of the methodology through DLT was used as a positive case example at COP25.

Lightning Technologies prides itself on being at the forefront of carbon digitalization with its IoT-enabled pooled pallet. It’s why our eco-friendly technology is under review for attaining a Gold Standard methodology approval.
This will be an unprecedented achievement in the pallet pooling industry.