Pallet Pooling

Lightning Pooling opens up far more possibilities than buying traditional block or stringer pallets. Not only do you not have to have to worry less about the logistics of keeping track of your pallets, but you can now use our pallets to monitor many details about your goods and products.

How the Pallet Pooling System Works

When you need to fulfill an order, you rent pallets to be shipped from the grower or manufacturer. These pallets are then filled and sent to a distribution center to be sent out to wherever the retailer needs them. Once the pallets are emptied, we’re notified to pick them back up to ultimately finish at the wash depo where we sanitize and inspect them for damage or other issues. They are then sent back to the grower or manufacturer and the process begins again. Our reverse logistics process is complete, efficient, and fast.

The Added Benefits of Lightning Pallets

At the surface, our pallet pooling system isn’t too much different than others that are available. But what other systems lack is the backing of a complete logistics solution. With Lightning Pooling you get our pallets.

  • Our antimicrobial and antifungal coating helps the pallets stay protected against the growth of bacteria longer between wash depots.
  • The extra durability means pallets last longer, saving money, which allows us to keep costs lower.
  • The design is about 25–30lbs. lighter, which saves on fuel as well as reduces carbon emissions per trip.
  • On top of it all, our pallets offer real-time monitoring of location, temperature, humidity, impact, and motion.

Removing the Current Inefficiencies of Pallet Rental

Traditionally, renting has come with a few cons people tend to overlook. Lost pallets could incur costs, quality control can be low, pallet sizing tends to be fixed, and inefficient tracking and trafficking of the pallets can waste time. Reducing your costs is about our ability to improve asset utilization, repair, and recovery. Our pooling operation has mastered this.

Because we track our pallets’ location at all times, the risk of losing a pallet is almost removed. Our ability to monitor impact to our pallet allows us to easier find potentially damaged pallets. We can create any number of customized pallets. Plus, our advanced monitoring and tracking software helps automate the distribution and retrieval of the pallets.