Precision Pallet Tracking and Monitoring

The Lightning pallet is a complete logistics solution. We provide the pallet, the technology, and the software that manages it all. Historically, when you sent a shipment, it was almost a guessing game what happened to it along the way. RFID pallet tracking can only do so much, but our Lightning Intelligent Modules (LIM) can track temperature, humidity, vibration or shock, or shipment location down to the individual pallet and communicate this information to a cloud-based dashboard for monitoring and corrective action. This reduces waste throughout your logistics ecosystem.

The Internet Between Things

Our technology isn’t just IoT pallet tracking. It goes beyond that. We describe it as the Internet Between Things (IBT). Modules can communicate with other modules and the closest gateways (GLIM).

Where other technologies can only operate under certain circumstances and conditions, the technology inside our pallet provides superior connectivity allowing for operation at all times. This gives you much quicker recall of information with up-to-the-minute notifications, allowing for active prevention and a better QA process. And because each pallet has its own unique beacon and ID, goods can be monitored by SKU, lot, date and time packaged, and carrier.

Location Pallet Monitoring

From the time a pallet leaves a vendor, no matter if it’s in an open or closed pooling system, to the time it comes back, it can travel to many locations. A significant problem can be pallet loss and even theft. With traditional wooden pallets, there is no way of telling where these pallets end up. The solution is using Lightning Intelligent Modules (LIM) to continuously transmit a signal to multiple vast wireless Bluetooth networks.

With LIMs communicating with these BLE networks, you are able to track exactly where every single pallet is, where it has been, and make sure it’s on the correct path to its destination. If the shipment strays from the predetermined path, you’ll be able to know right when it occurs.

Pallet Temperature Monitoring

When a product, such as strawberries, is shipped from farm to shelf, a consistent temperature is crucial to ensuring it is not ruined upon arrival. Unfortunately, there was never a consistent way to know if the product temperature at the front of the truck matched that of the back. We’ve solved this problem.

State-of-the-art temperature modules in each of our pallets can notify the driver of potential temperature trending issues right when they occur and suggest possible solutions and corrective actions, all to reduce cost and waste.

Pallet Impact Monitoring

Just by the nature of shipping, pallets and their loads undergo weight shifting and countless bumps. While the structure of our pallet and its coating hold up far better than wooden pallets to these outside forces, that doesn’t mean what they’re carrying does. Certain cargo can be fragile. We have the capability to measure the forces applied to our pallet, which can determine what kind of stresses its contents undergo.

Active Sensor Technology

  • Ultra-Low Energy Rating
  • Ultra-Compact Electronics
  • Battery Status Updates at Wash Depo
  • 5+ Year Battery Life
  • Data Logging Capabilities – Store and Forward
  • Temperature, Humidity, Shock Profiles
  • Proprietary Technology for Extended Range
  • OTA or Over-the-Air Updating of Firmware/Application Software
  • Customizable by Application Profile and SKU

Data Acquisition

  • Customizable Readers/Gateways
  • Mobile Phone/Tablet UI Applications
  • Compatible with Trucking Fleets
  • Non-Intrusive to Customers
  • Flexible Communication:
    • WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular Alerts
  • Proprietary Electronics
  • Automated, Lowest Cost, and Most Accurate Data in the Industry
  • Client Integration with API’s and Any Legacy Client IT Systems

Data Management

  • Immediate QA Reports/Data
  • Customized Dashboards and Exception Reporting
  • Efficiency Improvements
  • Pallet Asset and Product Visibility
  • Live and Historical Asset Location
  • Database Structure Optimized for Data Mining
  • Mini Subset of Data Resides on Gateway to Ensure Fault Tolerance and Continuous Operations
  • Blockchain Capable for Smart Contract Execution