“Sustainable Pallets” Isn’t an Oxymoron.

When it comes to shipping, it’s assumed by many that disposing and replacing pallets is just an inevitable and unavoidable expense. But that simply isn’t true. We provide a durable and sustainable pallet that can reduce long-term expenses and your carbon footprint at the same time.

Built Around Sustainability

Being greener or finding a way to make the Lightning pallet more sustainable wasn’t an afterthought. It was a core mission from the very beginning. We utilize sustainable resources, made the pallet lighter to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, made it more durable to prevent over-disposal, and source only non-toxic, recyclable materials.

Recycled and Renewable Resources

Our goal is to use zero landfill materials. We use dual sourcing to procure our major materials. Our engineered wood core comes from sustainable tree mills and allows us to maximize material utilization. During the coating process, all of our Exobond® spray is captured for reuse on later pallets. The end result? Every component is recyclable and nothing gets wasted.

Lightweight Pallet Design

A lighter pallet is beneficial for multiple reasons. Simply reducing pallet weight can drastically reduce the weight of the overall load. A lighter pallet opens up the potential to increase the amount you can carry in a single load. Alternatively, a lighter load means reduced fuel usage, reducing cost, but most importantly emissions.

The Only Trackable Pooled Pallet Carbon Methodology

Due to the lightweight design of our pallet, your reduced carbon emissions with every load can earn you verified carbon credits, and we manage the entire program for you.

Over 100-Turn Lifecycle

Wood pallet life expectancy is 11 turns. We estimate our pallet to exceed 100. This drastically reduces cost-per-turn, but also significantly reduces the disposal rate of your pallet.

Non-toxic and Non-harmful Elements

Pallets can come into contact with anything imaginable, so it’s important to ensure every element in our pallet is safe. Our Exobond coating is completely VOC free, we use a non-toxic fire retardant, and we only use sustainable UV stabilizers to prevent material degradation.