Improving the Health and Food Safety of Pallets

With everything a pallet comes into contact with, health and safety become significant concerns. Improper handling can result in damage or injury and bacteria or other harmful entities that attach to the pallet can affect the shipment in negative ways. Our philosophy is to stop these issues before they even arise. We are the enabler for pallet compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Designed Safer from the Bottom Up

The Lightning pallet is entirely coated in Exobond®, our proprietary spray that combines the ability to help prevent fungal and bacterial growth with Microban’s antimicrobial and antifungal technology. It helps provide a cleaner surface but is deeper than a topical spray. It’s embedded and therefore provides continuous protection against a broad spectrum of bacteria during the handling and shipping process, as long as you use our pallet.

Exobond® Proprietary Spray

This is the one thing that changed everything. Exobond is our VOC-free proprietary polyurethane hybrid coating that sparked the beginning of the Lightning pallet. With extremely fast cure times, it can be applied to almost anything without dripping. When applied to the pallet it creates an impenetrable seal impervious to fluids. And very importantly, it contains Microban’s antimicrobial and antifungal technology to help actively prevent the presence of bacteria.

Exobond was engineered to have specific structural and surface properties. The coating not only makes it far more durable, easier to clean, and prevents slipping, but it also prevents splintering or damage to the pallet itself.

Microban® Zinc Technology: ZPTech®

We have the only pooled pallet with an exclusive, worldwide license to Microban’s antimicrobial and antifungal technology. The growth of fungus and bacteria can be a significant vulnerability, especially when it comes to shipping for food and pharmaceuticals. Microban’s ZPTech antimicrobial and antifungal technology helps inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria on the surfaces of the pallets. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria in between cleanings, instead of only relying on washing depots.

ZPTech lasts for the duration of a pallet’s life and does not wash off or wear away. While regular cleanings should still be maintained, the technology will keep the surface cleaner much longer. It also provides 24/7 product protection and has zero impact on overall aesthetics or durability.