Pallet Customization

Ask most people to picture a pallet in their head and they’ll all picture the same slatted, wooden pallet. But if every industry is using that same pallet configuration for every application, it leads to obvious flaws. We have the capability to customize a pallet to any form factor, for almost any need.

One Pallet Doesn’t Fit All

The standard pallet size for a GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) pallet is 48” x 40”. This size is the most abundantly available. But what if your specific application calls for something a little wider or maybe a bit smaller? We not only can provide an accurately-sized GMA pallet, but we can provide pallets of any variable size or shape to meet your exact specifications.

Rapid Design

Unlike plastic pallets, there is no need for expensive tooling to create a new pallet design. We use CNCs to manufacture all of our pallets in a fully automated assembly process. Theoretically, we could design a new pallet and have a physical product manufactured all in a single day.

Spray Encapsulation

Our proprietary Exobond® coating spray was developed specifically to adhere to almost any surface and on practically any shape, all while curing lightning fast. This means no matter the pallet size or design, you won’t sacrifice durability.

Pallet Uniformity

One issue with standard wooden pallets is large tolerances. Despite past attempts to keep every pallet completely accurate in size, there was always going to be inaccuracies. This caused issues in the supply chain. Our pallets are precision-cut to be extremely accurate and maintain uniformity from pallet to pallet.