Pallet Features

Don’t Judge a Pallet by its 100-Year-Old Predecessor

Pallets have been underdeveloped and underutilized for years. They are prevalent in today’s world and hold the potential to be far more powerful. We’ve worked diligently to unlock this potential and raise the bar when it comes to pallets and the shipping industry.

Track & Trace

Since the ability to monitor a shipment was made possible, tracking has been used everywhere. However, traditional monitoring often fell short and was not precise enough to be completely effective. With our BLE technology, we can monitor specific information like temperature and motion all the way down to an individual pallet.

Health & Food Safety

Safety around food and other industries like pharmaceuticals is a very serious concern. By using proprietary spray that hermetically seals each pallet with a coating embedded with antifungal and antimicrobial technology, sanitization is of far less concern than traditional pallets. For food processing plants and farms, the coating provides an additional layer of biosecurity. Combined with active monitoring, you’re able to keep complete track of the shipment’s details at all points along its path.


Sustainability initiatives are extremely important in today’s emission-conscious world. A pallet’s life cycle and manufacturing can directly affect these initiatives. We’ve made it a core mission to produce zero landfill materials while helping our customers receive carbon credits from the use of our sustainable and lightweight pallets.


A uniform standard pallet ensures maximum efficiency and fewer damaged products, reducing loss and waste in the supply chain. Correct dimensions matter. Our manufacturing process ensures pallet uniformity and enables us to rapidly change the design to meet specific needs.

Customer Portal

All of our customers will soon be able to gain easy access to their real-time shipment and supply chain information through our website’s customer portal. Wherever you can connect to the web, you’ll be able to connect to your data.