Protein Pallet

Upwards of 31 billion pounds of meat is transported every year. Successfully delivering this tremendous amount of meat from facilities all over to countless cities is a monumental task that has everything to do with time and handling. The Lightning pallet offers a complete logistics solution to monitor every ounce from point A to point B, C, D or beyond, ensuring nothing goes wrong along the way.

One Pallet Fits All

No matter what kind of meat you are transporting, whether it be fish, poultry, or beef, our pallet is the single solution to handle them all. It features antimicrobial coating, temperature and location monitoring, along with a substantial list of other features that you could never get with a traditional wooden or plastic pallet.

Microban ZPTech® Antimicrobial Technology

Meat provides an excellent breeding ground for microorganism growth. This isn’t ideal considering every single location the meat travels to is another possible source of acquiring bacteria. With safety as a top issue and the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act requiring active prevention of the spread of bacteria, it’s crucial to do everything possible to inhibit growth.

We’ve incorporated ZPTech, an antimicrobial technology, directly into our Exobond® spray coating. This helps stunt the growth of harmful bacteria on the pallet.

Cold Chain Verification

The standards of a meat pallet can be much higher than that of many other industries. Sanitization is major concern, but temperature fluctuation poses a significant risk to the transportation of meat and must be monitored carefully. Recommended transport temperatures can vary widely depending on different factors such as facility practices and whether the meat is frozen, processed, or fresh. But no matter what, a temperature is chosen with specific deviation limits.

Along the cold chain, a shipment can transfer facilities, different vehicles can have better or worse cooling equipment, and drivers must open the doors upon delivery to different locations. Each variable is a new risk. Our pallet can ensure with certainty that, despite every event along the way, any given pallet load never breaches the specified temperature limit. And you can view every change that occurred during transportation.

Transportation Duration Monitoring

Fresh meat products have a limited shelf life. To maximize that life, they generally must reach store shelves within two days of initial processing. Our pallet is equipped with location and communication protocols to actively track where a pallet is at all times. Any delay can send an alert to you or other customers and can help you learn how to more effectively transport your goods.