Pharmaceutical Pallet

Transportation of pharmaceuticals isn’t like most industries. They can be lifesaving and people rely on them to stay healthy. That means failure or poor coordination can have extreme consequences. The Lightning pallet gives you the means to constantly supervise your shipments to take action if any issue should arise.

A Clear FDA Pallet Choice

The answer to pharmaceutical supply chain concerns can be entirely answered with our pallet. Essentially an FDA pallet at its core, it provides the necessary solutions to manage, track, and fulfill shipments while actively dealing with security risks.

Inventory Management and Coordination

When you are missing information or accurate data for orders and inventory, it makes it hard to make informed decisions. This can render inventory management and planning ineffective. Because each of our pallets is equipped to keep track of data independent of each other, much more information can be tracked per item and per shipment. Inventory can be grouped by information such as expiration, type, or priority and dealt with accordingly.

Increased Visibility

In many pharmaceutical supply chains, once a shipment leaves the manufacturer it’s hard to know exactly where it is at any point in time until it reaches its destination. Especially with counterfeit drugs being a major concern, this lack of visibility opens up significant vulnerabilities.

Utilizing communication protocols from basic GSM, all the way to BLE 5.1, the Lightning pallet completely eliminates the problem of visibility. Tracking happens in real-time and allows all information to be compared against a cloud-based database. Anything suspicious can be flagged for immediate inspection.

Temperature Protection

Somewhere around 80% of drugs require a temperature-controlled environment. Degradation of vaccines and other such products due to a broken cold chain renders the pharmaceuticals useless, impacts profits, and jeopardizes people’s health. Our Lightning pallet holds every link accountable for their performance through our temperature tracking technology.