Pallet Industries

To Transform an Entire Industry, Start Small

Every industry is unique. Each one has its own challenges and its own specific needs. Our pallets provide the capability to meet or exceed the needs of these industries and transform it entirely. Food loss is solved by constant monitoring and helped by antifungal and antimicrobial protection, and theft is prevented by minute-to-minute monitoring and tracking.


Transportation of produce is a major logistical undertaking. Items must be kept at specific temperatures and humidity. Seasonal production causes major shifts in the number of loads at any given time. You need to keep track of how long it’s been since goods have left their original location. And you need to ensure the goods don’t spoil or obtain physical damage in transport. Our pallet solution helps take care of it all.


There’s a science to delivering meats to supermarkets and other vendors hundreds of miles away. It involves a delicate interaction between a lot of moving parts. Temperature needs to be just right, travel time needs to be kept to a minimum, and bacterial growth must be prevented at all destinations along the cold chain. Our built-in pallet features help guide, monitor, and validate that these needs are met.


Health and lives are on the line when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. Supply chain logistics and coordination among a complex supply network can mean much more than profit loss. It is vital to have a solution to help navigate the regulations and meet supplier needs at every turn. We built a pallet solution that easily measures up to the challenge.